Certification Process


We kindly ask that you fill in an Application Form. The purpose of this is to collect information about the business, product/s and processes involved. EHDA will assess the information provided and decide if the product/s is suitable for Halal Certification.


EHDA will send an Audit Proposal to you. This document confirms the information provided in the Application Form and will contain an approximate cost for Halal Certification relevant to your product/s.


We kindly ask that you review the Audit Proposal and if you are happy to continue, a date for your Halal Audit will be agreed upon.


Your Halal Audit will take place. This process involves a full site visit of your production facilities followed by an audit based on the relevant Halal Standard. Any non-conformances will be noted by the auditor, and a period of time for these areas to be addressed will be agreed upon. (We have EHDA trained representatives stationed in various countries and we will always attempt to send our closest representative to minimise the cost to your business).


Once full compliance with the relevant Halal Standard has been achieved, EHDA will issue your relevant Halal Certificate – this is normally valid for 12 months. (You are now free to use the relevant Halal Logo on your products, promotional material and website).


As part of the Halal Certification process, we may carry out unannounced visits at your production facilities throughout the year.


You are now part of the growing list of clientele that have successfully achieved recognised Halal Certification. We will continue to support your business and take every opportunity to promote your business through our connections with multiple industries and businesses around the world.