EHDA is a Halal Certification Agency that predominantly operates within Europe. EHDA has developed Halal Auditing standards to provide Halal assurance throughout the supply chain and to ensure food, non-food products and processes are genuinely Halal. The EHDA Halal Standard’s are based on some of the most advanced and detailed Halal Auditing systems in existence today, covering the ingredients, the premises, processes, packaging and logistics. This is one of the main aspects that makes EHDA Halal Certification special and credible to consumers and businesses globally. 

We realise how vital Halal is to consumers and the Muslim community and it is our goal to provide you with the reassurance that EHDA Halal Certified products are Halal from farm to plate. Unfortunately there is a great deal of uncertainty in regards to Halal Certification in the UK, EHDA aims to change this. We use our comprehensive written Halal standard and audit system to conduct highly detailed inspections that ensure that only genuinely Halal products receive EHDA certification.

‘Halal’ does not only cover food items, Halal is also important when producing non-food items as well. Packaging for example needs to be Halal as it is often in direct contact with the food we eat, EHDA are proud to assess these key products as well. We have experience in the following areas: Halal auditing, Food Science and Technology, Meat Science and Technology, Biotechnology, Ingredients, Biochemical Analysis, DNA Analysis, Animal Welfare, Poultry Welfare, Microbiology and Pharmaceuticals. We also provide training workshops/seminars on many areas of Halal.

Please feel free to browse our website and see what EHDA can do for you!